Concierge COVID-19 Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic has been detrimental to many industries across the nation. Among the hardest hit was the TV and film industry, which was sadly evidenced by the lack of new releases and fresh content on the television as we stayed at home. Fortunately, while coronavirus cases remain high, production companies are now resuming and trying desperately to create new content for viewers while following safe and healthy protocols from behind the camera.

How do you keep your cast on the set and COVID-19 off the set? Concierge COVID-19 testing. Unlike other businesses, production companies and advertising agencies need consistent attendance of the same people to keep going. This can be difficult during a pandemic. Many production companies have discovered that frequent group covid-19 testing is an essential tool to stay in business.


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What is Concierge Testing?

The time, hassle and coordination it takes to send your entire cast or staff to get tested for COVID-19 can be daunting and overwhelming. However, concierge testing is a service that can come to you and be catered for your specific group. It is also conducted with physicians who understand the clinical guidelines of accurate coronavirus testing as well as the specific regulations the production companies must abide by in their industry.

How Can Concierge Testing Benefit My Company?

Whether you are a filming a movie, leading an advertising agency or managing a commercial shoot, there are some key benefits to using Concierge Covid-19 Testing at your workplace, including the following:

  • Convenient, On-Site Testing
  • Safe and Compliant Testing Environment
  • All Necessary Supplies Provided
  • Fast Results
  • Daily Testing (if needed)
  • Any Size Group/Company

Contact CLEAR Immediate Care for Group Testing in Chicago

At CLEAR Immediate Care, we are proud to offer concierge covid-19 testing to the greater Chicago community. We understand that production companies as well as schools, nursing homes and other organizations can greatly benefit from this niche service as a valuable means to keep their business operating and operating safely.

The coronavirus pandemic is nothing to take lightly, and it is undoubtedly the biggest source of concern for many businesses in the United States. Therefore, any investment towards keeping your employees and clients healthy is one worth making this year. In addition to group testing, CLEAR Immediate Care also helps companies navigate ways to make their work environment a safer place going forward.