Is Severe Abdominal Pain Cause for Concern?

Abdominal pain can come on suddenly and can feel debilitating. This type of pain is typically categorized as localized or general. The former may indicate that pain emanates from a specific organ. When pain is general, it could point to indigestion or a virus.

Organs like the liver, gallbladder or appendix can suffer inflammation and other issues. Therefore, it is difficult for sufferers to determine the severity of abdominal pain. If you feel the problem is serious, consult with Clear Immediate Care for urgent care.

Abdominal Conditions

Suffering from constant or frequent abdominal pain for more than six months suggests a chronic condition. In addition, a peptic ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis, or inflammation of the liver may present with severe and lasting symptoms.

Some sufferers of abdominal pain attempt to ignore the condition and tough out symptoms. At Clear Immediate Care, we recommend seeking urgent care. Abdominal conditions can worsen with time and could be life-threatening.

Abdominal Pain Symptoms

It is important to know when abdominal pain requires urgent care. A swollen tummy, bloody stools, jaundice, frequent vomiting, and tenderness in the affected area are concerning symptoms. Receiving a diagnosis will give you answers and lead to effective pain management or treatment plan.

Effective Treatment for Abdominal Pain

A specialist will consult with you and conduct a comprehensive exam. Once a diagnosis is established, a treatment plan is put in place. The team at Clear Immediate Care will tailor treatment to your lifestyle where possible.

Changing elements of your diet may have a positive impact on abdominal conditions. We will work with you to find effective solutions. Our goal is to quickly identify the root of your abdominal pain and provide relief.

Do not ignore severe abdominal pain. If your symptoms are persistent or worsen, reach out to Clear Immediate Care for urgent care. Identifying health conditions early can prevent serious health complications from developing.

Reach out to Clear Immediate Care today to discuss your urgent care needs. We are committed to providing treatment that is convenient and effective. Call today if you are concerned about your abdominal pain.