Take Care of Your Health this Winter

The holiday period is a time for banishing the winter blues. Residents of Chicago take pride in decorating their homes, workplaces and public spaces to the delight of friends, family and visitors. Many will have missed out on visiting with loved ones recently, as travel restrictions and social distancing measures have taken their toll.

Undoubtedly, you are looking forward to creating heart-warming memories with your friends and family. From gathering with relatives near and far to exchanging gifts and sharing delicious foods, there is something to anticipate for everyone. However, you are increasingly likely to sustain an injury during the winter, and it is important that the memories you create are not of time spent in pain and recovery.

Be Aware of Hazards in the Home

Putting up your holiday decorations is a joyful activity, and you may wish to go all out to ensure your home creates a cheerful sight for visitors and neighbors alike. Be alert for potential hazards among all the festive cheer. You should always have someone to steady the base when using a ladder and avoid overreaching to prevent falls.

Lifting heavy boxes, such as large gifts or suitcases, can strain the joints and tendons, leading to pain, discomfort and limited mobility. Socializing while cooking is a cornerstone of the Christmas period for many. The extra distraction, more complex and involved recipes and possibly drinking alcohol could cause you to exercise less attention than usual. A misstep in the kitchen may lead to mild or severe burns.

Pay Attention to Dangers Outside

Slipping and falling on an icy sidewalk can be very dangerous, resulting in bruising, sprains or even broken bones. Ensure that if you venture out this holiday period, you wear proper footwear and allow extra time for travel.

The elderly and those recovering from an injury should take extra care. There are many winter pursuits that put you at risk of an accident, particularly if you do not normally participate in sports. Ice skating and skiing are potentially dangerous, so you must ensure that you use proper safety equipment and warm up your muscles beforehand.

Even with all the proper care and attention, accidents can still happen. Clear Immediate Care in Chicago is here for you on an emergency and ongoing basis. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.