The Emergency Rooms are Overflowing Again! Urgent Care Can Help!

If you need care near the South Loop of Chicago, urgent care may provide help much faster than an emergency room – and it could be safer, also. Many hospitals are filling up with COVID-19 patients again and waiting for care can take hours. In addition, waiting with so much exposure to other people could bring even more problems. But how can you know if urgent care is the right option for you?

Urgent Care Can Handle Many Emergent Conditions

The first point of deciding is urgent care is an option is determining whether or not you are in a life-threatening situation. If life and death are on the line, dial 911 or immediately get to an emergency room.

However, if you need immediate attention, but it isn’t life-threatening, Clear Immediate Care could be your best answer for excellent medical care on an urgent, walk-in basis. Here are a few times you should come into Clear Immediate Care immediately.

  • When it comes to pain in the stomach area, you should seek urgent care if there is tenderness with swelling, fever or blood in the stool. Also, if you experience yellowing of the skin or nausea with vomiting that won’t stop.
  • A fever of 102 or higher or a fever that doesn’t reduce with an OTC fever reducer should be seen in urgent care. This can signal a serious infection and needs to be treated as soon as possible.
  • Often, urgent care is the destination when stitches may be required after cuts and lacerations. However, cuts can happen any time in the home; if you cannot get the bleeding to stop with direct pressure, you need to seek medical help. Clear Immediate Care can provide stitches and any other care you may need when injured by cuts and lacerations.
  • Burns can often be treated at home. Plunge the burned skin under cold water as soon as possible. OTC anti-inflammatories can reduce pain and swelling. Antibiotic cream and a loose covering for a few days are usually sufficient for minor burns. If the burn is severe or larger than three inches, it is more prone to infection and should be under professional care.
  • Broken bones are always a time to seek urgent care to get the bones set and supported as soon as possible.

When you need immediate medical care but are not in a life and death situation, urgent care can save you time and chaos over an emergency room. Contact Clear Immediate Care when you need urgent health care.