The Role Urgent Care Can Play in ADHD Management

There’s nothing easy about watching a loved one struggle to manage the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. For the children and adults impacted by this condition, all areas of life can be detrimentally affected and patients often struggle at home, in social settings, at work or at school.

Common ADHD Symptoms

Though no two patients or their symptoms are ever identical, there are many symptoms children and adults with ADHD experience together. These can include a tendency to forget about finishing a task that’s already begun, difficulty focusing on a task at hand, fidgeting and interrupting in group settings. All these symptoms can be frustrating to the person experiencing them, and they can actively interfere with the pursuit of goals and objectives when ADHD goes undiagnosed and untreated.

Impulsivity and excitability can also be common symptoms. When lack of impulse control and tendency to abruptly interrupt others combine, social settings can be an even more painful struggle.

How Urgent Care Can Help Patients with ADHD

From a particularly difficult day where medical help is needed quickly to obtaining an official diagnosis of ADHD to begin with, a high-quality urgent care center can be invaluable. Primary care physicians who specialize in ADHD treatment at urgent care facilities are able to see patients on the convenient basis you expect from an urgent care with the attention you’d expect from a specialist.

Diagnosing ADHD and devising a treatment plan can be a challenge. Seeing a specialist trained to spot and treat ADHD can provide a much clearer and more direct path to effective treatment from day one of diagnosis. Pediatric and adult patients alike throughout the Chicago area are seen at CLEAR Immediate Care, where ADHD treatment is part of how CLEAR works to care for the community as a whole.

Don’t let ADHD symptoms stand between you and your dreams. Whether you or a loved one have symptoms of ADHD without a diagnosis, or there’s a diagnosis in place but more help is needed, CLEAR Immediate Care is standing by to provide assistance. Exploring the treatment options available and getting answers about your diagnosis is as easy as contacting the care team and setting up an evaluation.