Today’s work environment is cleaner and healthier than ever before as businesses like yours fight the battle against the spread of the novel coronavirus. A more sanitized environment is a significant step in the right direction. Since many people are asymptomatic or may have mild symptoms, employees must know they are virus-free before going back on the job. CLEAR Immediate Care provides businesses with Back to Work testing to ensure returning employees have the lowest risk of spreading COVID-19 in the workplace.

CLEAR Immediate Care Back to Work Protocol

A clean, healthy environment is paramount to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Such precautions carry little weight if employees have the virus. With the CLEAR Immediate Care Back to Work Protocol, you lower the risk of asymptomatic employees inadvertently spreading COVID-19 to others. Our protocol includes:

CLEAR Immediate Care provides your business with the number of tests needed for all your employees. You make sure your employees take the test, and we do the rest. We collect tests from you and have the lab run the results.

The work setting is often a place where the virus can run rampant if precautions are not taken. Our Back to Work Protocol is an essential measure to take in addition to providing a highly sanitized environment for your employees. Your workforce can return safely when you implement our protocol. Widespread testing of individuals can limit the spread of COVID-19, especially where the workplace is concerned.

As your employees return, we recommend proper precautions be maintained as advised by health guidelines. Wearing masks and practicing social distancing whenever possible continues to be recommended, as testing is not a foolproof method of virus control.

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